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Paying using Apple/Google or Card using WhatsApp: The Future of Taxi Payments

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Richard Clayton

CEO & Founder

WhatsApp Payments

If you’ve experienced the inconvenience of paying for a taxi ride before, you understand how frustrating it can be. Searching for loose change in your pockets or bag, and then awkwardly counting it out in front of the cab driver can be a hassle. Alternatively, many people nowadays opt to pay with a credit card. But wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was a simpler solution available?

With the WhatsApp TaxiBot, users now have the option to book their taxi and choose LynkPay as their preferred method of payment. Once the ride is finished, the payment will be processed automatically through LynkPay, ensuring a smooth and convenient experience for passengers and drivers.

By utilising the integration between M2M TaxiBot and LynkPay, users can benefit from a safe and efficient payment solution, while drivers can receive their payments quickly and easily.

What exactly is Lynkpay WhatsApp Payment and how does it operate?

Lynkpay offers a convenient, simple, and quick way to pay for your taxi rides. By using Lynkpay, you can easily settle your fare through WhatsApp. Here’s a breakdown of how it operates:

1. To activate the meter in a taxi, simply swipe your phone.
2. A WhatsApp message will be sent to the passenger’s phone, informing them that they can pay using Apple/Google or card at the end of the ride.
3. Once the passenger confirms, your payment method will switch from cash to electronic.
4. After swiping to confirm the metered price, a second message will be sent to the customer prompting them to open the payment page on their phone.
5. Upon completion of the payment, you will receive a notification and your Driver app will automatically reset for the next trip.

What makes Lynkpay WhatsApp Payment a superior method for paying for taxi trips?

Avoid the hassle of carrying cash with Lynkpay. It’s perfect for a night out when you don’t want the burden of cash. Lynkpay is quick and simple – just send a WhatsApp message to make your payment. Say goodbye to searching for change or waiting for the credit card machine when paying for taxi rides. It is accessible in the UK, so make sure to give it a try for a convenient way to pay for your taxi fares while travelling.

What sets Lynkpay WhatsApp Payment apart from other payment options?

Lynkpay offers a new and easy way to settle your taxi expenses. How does it stack up against alternative payment options?

Most taxi companies accept credit cards as a form of payment. When using credit cards, you will need to have the card on hand to swipe it at the end of the taxi ride. With Lynkpay, you have the option to pay simply by sending a WhatsApp message. Carrying cash can be troublesome and can easily get lost. Lynkpay eliminates the need to carry cash with you, providing a convenient alternative.

Lynkpay WhatsApp Payment represents the future of taxi payments, offering a level of convenience and ease of use that surpasses other payment options. With just a few simple taps on your phone, you can quickly be on your journey.

Through the integration of M2M TaxiBot with LynkPay, users can benefit from a secure and efficient payment solution, while drivers can receive their payment quickly and easily. This integration not only simplifies the payment process, but also reduces the chances of fraud or errors.

Experience the cutting-edge Lynkpay WhatsApp Payment system today for a seamless and hassle-free taxi payment method. Don’t miss out on the future of payment technology – give it a try now!

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