Taxi Chatbot for Website Bookings.

Give your customers a premium taxi booking experience using our fully automated Website Booking Taxi Chatbot that’s available 24/7.

Taxi ChatBot Website Bookings

What's included in TaxiBot?

AI Virtual Assistants handling multiple taxi bookings simultaneously directly through Telegram Messenger.

Fully automated

Website Chatbot handles the entire booking process 24/7.

Branded Experience

Your logo, company name, address, email, website and description.


Pre or ASAP Bookings

Quickly pre-book from previous location, schedule, or ASAP and return trips.

Instant Quotation

Instant quote function available 24/7, with no wait times.

Talk to An Agent

Seamlessly hand over complex support requests to a human agent.

Manage a Booking

Use the booking reference to cancel a booking, change details or get status.

Website Taxi Chatbot

GDPR Compliant

Manage a booking for privacy settings, giving control over personal data.

Pickup & Dropoff Methods

Send Location, type in a location or inform driver en-route with driver notes.

Live Updates & Tracking

Customers receive Website dispatch notifications with driver updates.

Cash or Card

Allows customers to pay with a card or an option for traditional cash payments.



See how well your bot is performing through your custom dashboard.


Software updates, backup, and maintenance support included.

Live Agent for Website taxi chatbot
Talk to an agent

Transform Your Customer Experience with Live Agent Chat

Seamlessly hand over complex support requests to a human agent. Connect with your customers in real-time. Respond to incoming conversations with a complete suite of features, across multiple channels leveraging the One-View Inbox.


Get insights into your bot's engagement and performance.

View, monitor bot and team performance. Track engagement and retention across multiple channels over time. Make smarter decisions on how to improve engagement with your chatbot analytics dashboard.
M2M Omnichannel with TaxiBot with Telegram Chatbot

TaxiBot Integrations

Unlock the power of our Integration with Autocab 365, Booking and Dispatch. Along with the best payment link providers to accept fares via credit and/or debit card using the Telegram Messenger ChatBot.
Omnichannel automation platform

Get Taxi Bookings with Customers in Real-Time Wherever they are

Delight your customers 24/7 with AI Chatbot and Live Agent booking experience across multiple channels.