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M2M TaxiBot Shortlisted for the Taxi Summit Innovation Award

Picture of Richard Clayton

Richard Clayton

CEO & Founder

Taxi Sumit Innovation Award

M2M TaxiBot is delighted to have been shortlisted for the Taxi Summit Awards 2023 in the Innovation of the Year classification. The event, set to occur on Monday 20th November 2023 at The Troxy in London.  There are still tickets obtainable, to find out more information, please visit

Taxi Summit Innovation Award on November 20th at The Troxy in London

The Taxui Summit Innovation Award winner with be announced on Monday 20th November 2023. Dotted, the organizer of the event, has pledged an unforgettable evening at The Troxy in London. The Troxy, located on Commercial Road in Stepney, London, is a music venue with an Art Deco design. It was constructed in 1933 and was transformed into a live events space in 2006. Since then, it has been utilized for various functions including concerts, award ceremonies, film screenings, and sports events. Additionally, in 2017, it was recognized as the ‘Best London Event Venue – 500 to 1,000 attendees’.

About M2M TaxiBot 

M2M TaxiBot is powered by M2M Omnichannel a division of M2M Data Connect Ltd. What started as an exploration of AI conversational automation has grown into a powerful platform. Built ground up to help local private hire and taxi operators to transform their customer’s journey.

With our M2M Omnichannel platform, taxi operators can provide multiple booking channels for their customers. Such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, Line, and Website booking. And M2M TaxiBot is much more than just an AI Chatbot, we provide a complete start-to-finish booking process. Including pay by links to accept fares via credit and/or debit card. Along with talking to an agent, GDPR, business analytics, and much more.

The founders of M2M Taxibot have extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of taxi operations. Accumulated over a period of more than two decades. Consequently, M2M Taxibot has a distinct advantage as a technology partner. Being able to comprehend your business on a practical level. As a result, we have developed a flexible and adaptable omnichannel platform that caters to the genuine requirements of the worldwide taxi industry.

In contrast to other providers that offer limited options and lack flexibility with their ready-made solutions, we take pride in offering a highly adaptable solution that can be customized according to your requirements. This enables you to request custom development that aligns perfectly with your system’s objectives.

M2M TaxiBot Senior Team

Richard Clayton (Managing Director)

M2M TaxiBot’s parent company, M2M Data Connect Ltd, was co-founded by Richard Clayton in 2018 and Richard remains our Managing Director today. Richard’s background is taxi data despatch software industry; prior to launching M2M Data Connect, he worked at Cab Despatch as a National Business Development Manager when they almost tripled their customer base in 2014. And began his career in the taxi industry back in 2011 with Autocab as a Business Development Manager.

Nick Banduch (Head of Product)
Nick has been a part of M2M Data Connect Ltd from the beginning. During this time, he has served as a graphic designer and full-stack web developer, as well as heading the M2M TaxiBot product team. Since 1990, he has worked with clients in the telecommunications and transportation sectors, allowing him to accumulate important technical knowledge. Consequently, Nick has successfully guided his team of developers in designing distinctive functionalities that have transformed M2M TaxiBot into a genuinely unparalleled omnichannel platform for booking taxis.

Innovation Using Conversational AI

Using our deep understanding and expertise, we collaborate with our proficient technical team to create innovative resolutions for real challenges encountered in the taxi sector. Our ability to develop personalized functionalities that meet specific requirements has established us as a global frontrunner in delivering authentic and comprehensive customer experiences through conversational AI.

In today’s fast-paced world, the transportation industry is constantly looking for innovative solutions to enhance efficiency and reduce costs. The M2M TaxiBot is designed to streamline the taxi booking process by automating it through the use of an AI Virtual Assistant.

By integrating with the M2M Omnichannel Platform, the AI Virtual Assistant can handle multiple taxi bookings simultaneously. As a result, this makes it a highly efficient solution for both customers and taxi companies. This means that customers no longer have to wait for a human operator to manually process their booking requests, reducing waiting times and improving overall customer satisfaction.

Offer 24/7 Bookings With WhatsApp

M2M TaxiBot enables customers to book a ride, receive driver details, location tracking and manage their booking with a few simple messages, through WhatsApp. The AI Virtual Assistant then identifies the available taxi options.  And takes into account factors such as proximity, fare, and vehicle type. It also provides estimated time of arrival and fare details to the customer. Plus, you can even pay for the ride right through the chatbot. This makes it a great tool for travellers, businesses, and anyone looking for an easy, reliable way to book a taxi.

The M2M taxi bot also offers a range of features to enhance customer experience. Such as the ability to track the location of the assigned taxi, rate the driver, and provide feedback. This allows taxi companies to gather valuable insights and continuously improve their services.

Live Agent Handover

Furthermore, the Live Agent handover feature in the M2M Omnichannel Platform allows taxi companies to seamlessly transfer complex support requests to a human agent. This feature ensures that customers receive prompt and effective assistance for their inquiries or issues. By providing this handover capability, the platform enhances the customer experience by ensuring that even the most challenging requests can be addressed by a human agent with expertise in handling complex situations.

With our multilingual bot, you can now communicate in over 50 languages! This means that you can easily engage with customers from all around the world and strengthen your global customer relationships. Our vernacular chatbot is designed to provide a natural and intuitive conversation experience using conversational intelligence. No matter where your customers are from, our bot can understand and respond to their queries in their preferred language. Whether it’s English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, French, German, Japanese, or any other language, our bot has got you covered.

Enterprise ChatGPT Powering up Taxi Bookings

Our Enterprise version of ChatGPT offers powerful generative AI solutions that can revolutionize conversational engagement. By training our M2M TaxiBot using your website, documents, FAQs, and other relevant data, you can transform your customer interactions. With the Enterprise version of ChatGPT, your TaxiBot will have in-depth knowledge about your business. It can answer complex questions, provide detailed information, and even guide users through specific processes. Its ability to understand context and generate human-like responses will create a natural and personalized conversational experience for your customers. Whether customers are seeking assistance with product information, troubleshooting, booking services, or any other inquiries, your TaxiBot will be able to handle it all.


Overall, the M2M taxi bot powered by the M2M Omnichannel Platform offers a convenient and efficient solution for both customers and taxi companies. By leveraging AI and the popularity of WhatsApp. It streamlines the booking process, improves customer experience, and helps optimize operations in the transportation industry.

The M2M TaxiBot eagerly anticipates the Taxi Summit Awards in November. If you want to see a demonstration of our WhatsApp TaxiBot, feel free to contact us today.